A Coca-Cola® Collectors's Journey

How many different types of vending machines have you seen dispensing Coca-Cola products? Which towns still have the fabled ghost signs or painted Coke® signs? Here are over 150 Coca-Cola places captured by a collector over the past 20 years.  From The Coca-Cola Company Headquarters in Atlanta to Tokyo, from the billboard signs at Kings Cross in Sydney to Times Square in New York City, enjoy the digital journey of the iconic signage and landmarks around the world.

Coca-Cola® Philately

Which countries have issued postage stamps with Coca-Cola on them? Do bottlers advertise their soft drinks on company stationery? Have a look at this timeless collection of Coca-Cola bottler advertising covers, stamps and postcards from around the world.

Spotting Coca-Cola® in the Movies

How many movies have you seen with Coca-Cola product placements? Which movies have the iconic Coke bottle or the classic red and white Coke machine? Here are over 1300 Coca-Cola movies listed by year from 1917 to the present.